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Job Information

DAL Global Services Passenger Service Lead - UA - Panama City, FL - Starting Pay $11.50 in United States


Position Summary

Under thesupervision of the supervisor or manager on duty, Lead Agents are responsible for assigning duties of Passenger Service Agents, providing customer service, performing ticketing and/or those activities related to boarding and deplaning passengers at the ticket counter, gate or baggage area to ensure completion of all tasks. Lead Agents also provide guidance to Passenger Service Agents under the direction of the supervisor.

Essential Functions/Tasks

- Assigns activities of Passenger Service Agents to ensure completion of tasks required for a safe, on-time arrival or departure.

- Performs Passenger Service Agent duties as follows:

  • Completes activities related to boarding and/or deplaning passengers.

  • Prepares paperwork/computer entries as required.

  • Assists passengers with reservations and ticketing procedures.

  • Greets passengers and provides necessary travel information.

  • Coordinates internal resources to ensure an on-time operation.

  • Frequently lifts luggage weighing up to 70 pounds onto/off conveyor belt and creates labels to ensure proper delivery.

  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Primary Location:

United States of America

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